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With years of professional experience, John brings a unique combination of DJ and live music to create a magical atmosphere for you and your guests. From his vast selection of songs to his high-quality sound systems, John can turn any wedding into a captivating celebration.

Choose your Wedding DJ & Live Music package...

This sound setup is curated and available for medium to large weddings - the most popular option!

This option covers separate setups for 3 areas - Ceremony, Canapés & Reception*:

  • Sound engineering & DJ services (up to 9 hours before midnight)

  • 2 x JBL EON 615 powered speakers + 1 x JBL EON 718s powered subwoofer with digital mixer for the dance floor

  • Up to 1 additional JBL EON 712 powered speaker will be added for background music during dinner & speeches to enhance the audio experience for i.e. the dance floor is outside the venue, the venue is large and echoey, etc. (will only be used if needed)

  • Shure Beta58 cordless mic with stand for all speeches during dinner (with backup)

  • Chauvet GigBar2 with 5-in-1 LED effects (synced with audio) for the dance floor

  • Chauvet Smoke Machine with LED Par

  • Up to 2 hours of live music entertainment with voice and acoustic guitar during Canapés, (JTF's full live line-array sound system, which includes his looping and vocal voice pedals, will be used)

  • Up to 2 x JBL EON 710 powered speakers with a digital mixer for the wedding ceremony

  • Shure SM58 cordless mic with stand for the ceremony (with backup)

*Canapés & Reception or Reception only packages at a discounted rate available.


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